Do not worry about being original. Produce and change the world

low angle photo of staircase

There was a moment I could not bring myself to write anything for years. The main reason was that I saw an immense amount of repetition of content, and I saw too many people claiming success that was not theirs.

That was nobody’s fault or problem. I was using the wrong lens to look at the world.

This is not about me not writing. It is about all of us who censor ourselves (in work, in private, in things we love to do) because we do not like the world (or company, hobby club, or department) we see and do not want to be like “those other people”.

Using the wrong lens

It is because of how we look at the world, not how it really is. Do not blame people for being successful with something you do not like. Learn how they did it and use it to change the world.

My problem was that I wanted to see original content. I did not realize that originality is not the Internet’s critical problem. It is the distribution of ideas. Ideas are not distributed to everyone at the same time.

How you can overcome this

Everything has already been done. every story has been told every scene has been shot. it’s our job to do it one better.

Stanley Kubrick

Originality is not dead. There is plenty to be original at. Though there is a chance what you do has been done before. So what. It doesn’t hold anybody else back and to be successful with it. Why would you? You know you can bring in something new, something different, more complete, a different angle, or anything. At least, you can have an idea that represents you and your viewpoints.

It is about producing not viewing

Don’t let your view of the world limit yourself. You can always push higher standards on yourself and be the person you want to see. If you are not producing any content, the world remains the same, and you are just sitting there with your high standards.

If you do not like the world you see: participate in it and change it. Pointing fingers at the sideline that it is wrong doesn’t help.

The way to come to power is not always to merely challenge the Establishment, but first, make a place in it and then challenge and double-cross the Establishment.

Francis Ford Coppola

Produce, go out there. It would help if you did it for yourself. You deserve it. You will see: many other people need what you are producing and have been waiting for it all along. If you are not producing, you are not thriving, and you definitely are not changing anything.