Process over outcomes

It’s easy to be obsessed with outcomes. Whether hitting a sales target, completing a project, or achieving personal goals, the focus often lands squarely on the end result. However, what if the true secret to success lies not in the outcome but in the process?

The Illusion of Control Over Outcomes

Outcomes are, by their very nature, often beyond our control. External factors, unforeseen challenges, and even sheer luck can influence the final result. This unpredictability makes outcomes unreliable markers of effort and capability. Instead of fixating on the endgame, shifting our focus to the process can be liberating.

The process, on the other hand, is something you can largely control. It encompasses the actions, habits, and attitudes you bring to your work daily. By honing your process, you cultivate a sense of mastery and satisfaction independent of the outcome.

Leading vs. Lagging Metrics

In the realm of performance measurement, there are leading and lagging metrics. Lagging metrics are outcomes—they tell you what has already happened. Leading metrics, however, are indicators of future performance. They are the daily actions and behaviours that lead to desired results. Focusing on leading metrics ensures that you’re consistently moving in the right direction.

The Joy of Doing

One of the most profound benefits of embracing the process is the joy it brings. When you find fulfilment in the act of doing rather than just the completion, your work becomes a source of daily pleasure. This shift in mindset transforms mundane tasks into meaningful activities, fostering a deeper connection to your work and increasing overall happiness.