Sacred Hours

In the quest for peak productivity, a new concept has gained momentum: Sacred Hours. But what are they, and how can they supercharge your productivity?

Sacred Hours are specific periods you deliberately set aside for focused, uninterrupted work. They’re sacred because they’re free from distractions and interruptions. They’re not stumbled upon by chance; they’re meticulously planned, scheduled on your calendar, and fiercely defended from intrusions.

The Flexibility of Sacred Hours

The beauty of Sacred Hours lies in their flexibility. They can be early in the morning, late at night, or any time between, depending on when you are most productive. The key is to identify and guard your peak productivity hours from distractions.

To determine your Sacred Hours, ask yourself: “What time of day am I most productive?” and “What time of day can I afford to be least responsive?” The intersection of these two times is your Sacred Hours.

Making the Most of Your Sacred Hours

Once you’ve identified your Sacred Hours, it’s time to make the most of them. This is not the time for shallow, monotonous work. Instead, your Sacred Hours should be reserved for high-leverage, creative, deep work that moves the needle.

Sacred Hours Beyond Work

The concept of Sacred Hours also extends beyond work. It can be an hour every day set aside for personal growth, learning, reading, exercising, thinking, meditating, or walking. It’s about setting aside time for yourself, not for work, family, or endless to-do lists, but for personal development.

Remember: Your time is sacred. Treat it that way.