Slow burns and heavy lifts

person holding burning paper in dark room

There are two ways to focus on your work: you approach it as a slow burn or a heavy lift. Neither one is better than the other. However, each of them deserves a deliberate choice.

Slow Burn

The slow burn is when you spread the work over a more extended period and progress bit by bit. It is like slow-cooking a meal: it takes a lot of time and minimal effort on average.

Heavy Lift

The heavy lift is like the occasional all-nighter or the full-week focus on getting something done. It is intense and nearly all-consuming, and you do not have time for anything else.

Inspiration comes when you work

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.

Pablo Picasso

Heavy lifts and slow burns both get the work done. For me, slow burns are the perfect balance between exploring and getting things done. It allows me to think deeply and to progress regularly. What the slow burn does for me, in general, is trick me into spending more time and getting work done earlier whenever there is a breakthrough in thinking. Schedule 10 minutes a day is something you can always do; for me, it is the easiest way to get results on time.

Pick what fits you

As with many things, there is no rule about what to apply and when. It is a personal choice; what works for me might be horrible for you. But as soon you know you have options, you can also explore them and see what works for you in which situation and what helps you achieve results.