There is beauty in small numbers

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What does success look like when you create content online? Are more views better? Do you need a minimum amount of likes before a piece of content is good? Or, when it comes to presenting an idea at your workplace: does everybody needs to like and share their praise with you?

No. It is up to you what success looks like. Bigger is not better. The focus on bigger can distract you from focusing on the essential things that produce success in the first place.

Without creation no views

The essential part is that you produce. Since when you put nothing out there, there is no success possible. However, if you only get two views, is that good? That is entirely up to you. I am already happy with less than a handful of likes of a post on LinkedIn. I can be pleased about that because there are always at minimum 1 or 2 people that I value a lot. Mission accomplished.

Are big numbers in your control?

For most of us, getting many feedback, likes, and views is often a combination of many happy accidents. It is not something we can do consistently because we lack audience numbers. If it is hard to do is consistent, there is a risk it will be a demotivator and will shut down your creative pursuit. It doesn’t imply you should not aim for the stars and not be ambitious. You should, though, focus on the essential elements of success. Getting ten or a thousand views or a million views is not that different if you have no clue who is viewing and if they appreciate the content.

Relevance over volume

Getting a few likes or views from people I care deeply about is more valuable for me than having tens of thousands of views from strangers. It feels good to have a significant number next to your name, though does it matter?

I chose for myself that just a few likes, views, and interactions from people I value are good enough. The other 999.998 views are just an excellent bonus.

Be kind to yourself when setting goals. Be ambitious. However, focus on the essential elements of your success within your control and grow these. Everything else is a bonus.

Inspire 1 or 2 people in good way. You inspire the world.

Nirmal Purja